Palm Beach Paradise Cafe


What a view! Descending Rock Bath Road into the southern end of Palm Beach at Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour is surreal in the glowing spring sunshine. I’ve just walked from Avalon Beach over Bangalley Head and Whale Beach and am looking forward to a Devonshire Tea. It’s Friday afternoon, and the weekend visitors have yet to arrive so you get to witness the beauty without the crowds and choke of traffic – it truly does feel like a world away from Sydney. I head first to 2108 Expresso, as I know they serve scones. Bingo, still available, but I am only allowed a takeaway as the cafe is closing – its only 2.35pm. Call me old-fashioned, but a scone is not like a meat pie – you don’t take it away to eat on the beach! The only other option on the ocean side is Palm Beach Paradise Cafe, which looks more like a fast food outlet than a cosy cafe in the city’s most elite suburb. A killer view matches it’s killer prices – $11.50 for one ordinary sultana scone, a skerrick of jam in a portion controlled container, a squirt of ultra light cream and a pot of hot water with a tea bag in it. I feel ripped off, but have to chuckle and remember where I am. All I can say is that I may have a little higher standard in scones than someone who can afford to drive a Lamborghini.




Tea: A few choices of tea bags served in a large pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Ridiculously priced and low quality.

Location: 1/24 Ocean Rd, Palm Beach NSW 2108 Ph: 02 9974 1003
Reviewed in September, 2013

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