Cafe Ibiza


Nothing to do with the Spanish Island of the same name, Cafe Ibiza is a popular hub in the relaxed northern beach suburb of Avalon. Lacking the pretense of its northerly neighbours further up the spit in Whale and Palm Beach, Avalon is far enough away from metropolitan Sydney to feel like you’re in a coastal NSW town. Sprinkled with cafes, Avalon’s Cafe Ibiza stands out as a welcoming and cosy option with a lovely outside area to park your seat for some people watching. I’m surprised to find scones on the menu in a suburb where life revolves around surfing rather than afternoon tea. However, the cafe holds regular Mystic High Teas for those interested in having fortunes told with their scones. The serving comes with one tasty scone and ample jam and cream. Although fresh, the whipped cream is far too light for me.




Tea: A choice of black and herbal tea bags served in a small pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Relaxed and cool looking cafe.

Location: 47 Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon NSW 2107 Ph: 02 9974 1003
Reviewed in September, 2013

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