Armory Wharf Cafe

DT@Armory Wharf Cafe-Sydney Olympic Park#3

Technically its still winter, but it’s hitting 28 degrees in Sydney’s west. Sydney Olympic Park is huge, I’d forgotten how huge as I haven’t driven around it for years. Skirting the edge of the Silverwater Correctional Complex, I head down to Blaxland River Park that hugs the edge of the Parramatta River and sits adjacent to the Newington Armory. If you visit on the weekend, you can explore the 100 or so heritage buildings that were part of the former Royal Australian Naval Armament Depot (RANAD) for a century. The Armory Wharf Cafe sits right on the river out the front of the main gatehouse. It’s built to blend in to the landscape rather than stand out, and the shade cover of the outdoor sitting area gives it a military feel. I order the scone, which is really two in one. It’s soft and dense, but a little rubbery on the outside. It’s served with a very small amount of ultra light cream and mixed berry compote. Personally, I would prefer it served with some rich jam as it is difficult to get the compote on to a piece of the ginormous scone. Every so often the Rivercat rumbles by, but never stops at the wharf, so check the timetable if you’re thinking of incorporating a visit with a ride on the Rivercat. Parents will love the nearby playground that’s filled with stuff to keep kids occupied for hours.




Tea: Several varieties of loose-leaf teas including a few unusual herbal blends.

Price: $$

Overall: Great spot by the Parramatta River.

Location: Blaxland Riverside Park, Jamieson St Newington NSW 2127 Ph: 02 9714 7513
Reviewed in August, 2013

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