Taste Gourmet Pantry & Cafe

DT@Taste Gourmet Cafe & Pantry - East Gosford#

I’ve been meaning to try Taste Gourmet Pantry & Cafe for over a year now. The huge old-fashioned looking ‘Devonshire Tea’ sign painted on the side of the building the few times I have passed by unable but to stop, has been beckoning me. The cafe is pretty busy this Saturday morning, which is unfolding to be one of those perfect spring days at the end of winter. The doors are closed and I am as far away from the open kitchen as possible but the cooking smells of eggs and bacon is far too dominant in the closed space. The menu is quite extensive and I notice that the cafe says that they are big on homemade, local and sustainable food. My tea arrives, and it’s only three-quarters full. No biggie if I was at home near the kettle, but this smallish pot with a few tea leaves and hot water is costing me four dollars! The scones arrive looking perfect, like two small dinner rolls, but end up tasting a bit too sweet with an unpleasant aftertaste. The cream is sweet as well and very light. The jam is pretty standard, and although the cafe sells a big selection of specialty jams, I doubt this is one of them. If you need to stock up your pantry on herbs and spices, relishes and jams, coffee beans and a whole lot more, than this is the place.




Tea: There are 11 types of loose-leaf teas including a couple of interesting herbal combinations.

Price: $$

Overall: A pleasant open plan cafe.

Location: 73 Victoria St, East Gosford NSW 2250 Ph: 02 4324 2130 www.tastegourmet.com.au
Reviewed in August, 2013


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