Purple Mint Cafe

DT@Purple Mint Cafe - Warriewood#3

Just the name, ‘Purple Mint Cafe’, sounds, well, tasty. I’m not sure about the rest of the menu but I can definitely vouch for the date scones – they are sensational! It’s 3pm when I visit and the scones taste as though they have come straight out of the oven. I know that’s not true because the kitchen is closed and the staff are cleaning up out the back.  I visit on a true winter’s day when the mercury is barely pushing 15 degrees, so I sit close to the slow combustion fire. It’s also a weekday so it’s comfortably quiet, but I can imagine the open plan cafe would get mighty busy on weekends, not only for the scones, breakfast and lunch but with trade from the adjoining Flower Power garden centre.  Although there is lots of shopping to be had I make a beeline for the café. Did I already mention how amazing the date scones are? They’re perfectly formed, with no nasty aftertaste and the dates are chopped up, so you get some in every bite. The apple and strawberry jam is rich with big chunks of fruit, and I’m told is made on the premises. Got to love the double thick cream as well. I read on a food website that this cafe is renowned for Devonshire Teas, and I have to agree, they tick all the boxes; perfect tasty scones, interesting jam that tastes more of fruit than of sugar, thick cream and loose-leaf tea, it doesn’t get much better than this on Sydney’s northern beaches.




Tea: A handful of loose-leaf tea choices served in a good-sized pot.

Price: $$

Overall: As a staff member said, “I think they’re the best scones on the northern beaches.”

Location: 18 Macpherson St, Warriewood NSW 2102 Ph: 02 9997 8097

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