Cafe Belle Fleur

DT@Cafe Belle Fleur-Glenhaven#

We arrive at Cafe Belle Fleur, situated in Flower Power Glenhaven, at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. There are quite a few scones in the cabinet but by the time someone bothers to seat us and look our way, I notice the scone supply dwindling. I take matters into my own hands and ask one of the three wait staff at their station a few metres from where I sit whether I was too late for scones. I manage to nab the last one of the day – woo hoo, as Glenhaven is not in my neighbourhood. The order arrives fairly promptly and I am guessing I have the mixed berry, pear and cinnamon jam (dark) as it’s definitely not the mango, peach and vanilla (light) that is scribbled up on the blackboard. It’s hard to say, as I can’t taste any cinnamon or pear. The crispy date scone has potential and I am sure if it were earlier in the day, it would be really good, rather than just pretty good. The double thick cream gives it a nice finish and I kick myself for not getting here earlier so I could have a full serve of scones. When I leave I wait at the cash til longer than I should have to, as wait staff wander by fully aware that I am there. It’s not until I get home and scan reviews about the cafe online that I realise it wasn’t my imagination about the slack service, actually, my experience was quite good compared to some of the previous unfortunate diners.




Tea: A few varieties of loose-leaf teas served in a functional pot.

Price: $$

Overall: Combine shopping for home and garden with morning or afternoon tea.

Location: 609 Old Northern Rd, Glenhaven NSW 2156 Ph: 02 9899 7783
Reviewed in July, 2013

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