Woolwich Pier Hotel

DT@Woowich Pier Hotel, Woolwich#2

You wouldn’t expect to find scones on a pub menu, but if you’re heading to Hunters Hill or Woolwich Dock, the former dry dock and shipyard, for a stroll it’s well worth a stop. The place can get busy, especially when the weather’s fine and everyone is out to enjoy the harbour views, so if you want to grab a spot upstairs on the verandah of this 1885 hotel to make the most of the views, get in early (the restaurant opens at 12pm). The scones are served on a large bread board with a dollop of double thick rich cream and three small jars of Beerenberg strawberry jam. With three scones, two sultana and one plain, it’s a meal in itself and there’s more than enough jam and cream to go around. It’s a bistro style pub so you have to order at the bar and pick up when the buzzer sounds. Try the indoor bistro and courtyard garden if you can’t nab and upstairs seat with a view.




Tea: A selection of T2 loose-leaf teas served in a small pot. Be ware if asking for English Breakfast, my friend got standard Liptons.

Price: $$

Overall: Popular pub in a swanky Sydney suburb.

Location: 2 Gale St, Woolwich NSW 2110 Ph: 02 9817 2204  www.woolwichpierhotel.com.au
Reviewed in June, 2013

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