Grandma’s Little Bakery


I still find it weird going to Alexandria to eat out. It’s hard to get the ‘old Alexandria’ of last century out of my head when it was nothing more than a light industrial area with a bunch of sandwich joints that opened at lunchtime for local workers. These days Alexandria is full of thriving companies doing business in industrial parks and cool little cafes are sprouting up to feed the daily visitors. Grandma’s Little Bakery is one such place, having expanded from the original Grandma’s Little Bakery in Collector, outside Canberra. The cafe is full of contradictions. Firstly, the name itself conjures up visions of lace curtains and gingerbread style decor, but in actual fact is situated in the corner of a warehouse style block of businesses and is open and light, not a lace curtain in sight. Secondly, my menu arrives as a mini tablet and I ask my friend whether I am out of the loop and this is now the norm. I actually like this idea, although odd at first, as I can tap the item and see a pretty pic of what it is. My tea and scones arrive on separate wooden bread boards – a nice touch – and I can’t help noticing that my teapot matches the cheery red and white polka dot table cloths. The scones are fresh, tasty and slightly crispy on the outside and the homemade fig compote unusual, rich and flavoursome. To me the cream tastes like Chantilly and it is firm yet smooth. There is definitely not enough of both compote and cream, but the waitress is happy to get me another round. Reserve a table on weekends as I can only imagine how popular this place gets, especially now with all the residential apartments in the area.




Tea: Five choices of T2 silk bag tea bags served in a funky teapot and cup combo.

Price: $$

Overall: A buzzy and welcoming cafe serving wholesome fare with a shop selling lots of homemade goodies.

Location: 42 O’Riordan St, Alexandria NSW 2015 Ph: 02 9690 0069
Reviewed in June, 2013

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