Rollonin Cafe

DT@Rollonin Cafe - Bowning#2

I swear I’ve never seen the huge billboard on the Hume Highway blurting out that ‘Rollonin Cafe’ is famous for its Devonshire Teas. When did that go up? Was I always asleep when I passed the exit for Bowning? So when I see the sign I do just that, roll-on-in. The tiny village of Bowning has one of the first schools to be established in inland NSW and the antique shop on the opposite side of town has lots of trinkets. The traditional slab hut cafe was built a few years ago and has lots of seating both indoor and outdoor for passing highway trade. The chequered table cloths and staff dressed in maid’s bonnets and aprons gives it an Australiana bush cafe feel. It’s a difficult decision – should I choose the plain, date or pumpkin scones? The pumpkin scones win as I rarely get an opportunity to have them. They are huge so only one is served as part of the Devonshire Tea. The scone has no nasty aftertaste or is too salty and has a lovely texture. My tasting buddy is truly impressed and adds it too his favourites (he’s missed lunch and is hungry). Personally I wouldn’t go that far, but they are good. The jam is nothing extraordinary and the cream is fresh but a bit light. If you’ve got kids, it’s a great stop as there are emus, a Shetland pony, a Clydesdale and probably more animals roaming around in a paddock next to the cafe.




Tea: A good variety of tea bag teas served in a small pot. Be aware that herbal tea orders incur a 50c surcharge.

Price: $$

Overall: A stop off with a touch of Australiana.

Location: 144 Bowning Rd, Bowning NSW 2582  Ph: 02 6227 6507
Reviewed in June, 2013

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