The Parlour @ Fortnum & Mason

DT@Fortnum & Mason-London Picadillly

We are a bit rushed for time as our Chocolate Tour starts in 30 minutes and we still have to hightail it to Soho, but I am adamant on having a Devonshire Tea at the iconic Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. By the time I ogle every food item and inspect all the teas on the ground floor I am directed to The Parlour for scones rather than The Gallery or The Fountain restaurants that also serve scones. Perhaps it is my attire, or maybe the fact I am carrying a small daypack rather than a swanky handbag. Nevertheless we take a seat in The Parlour that is cheerily bright in a 1950s retro cafe sort of way and specialises in über expensive ice-cream sundaes. I am thrilled to have my tea served in a huge sliver pot alongside my colourful and not very dainty crockery – I can’t even express how excited I am to be here. The plain and fruit scones arrive lightly toasted, which kinda surprises me and reminds me more of an English muffin than a scone. The strawberry preserve is good enough, but the winner here is the Somerset clotted cream, the rich yellow blob that has the consistency of butter is faultless!




Tea: An array of loose-leaf teas including traditional British blends served in a gigantic silver teapot – wonderful!

Price: $$$

Overall: La-de-dah with a big dash of touristy London. Love it!

Location: 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER ENGLAND Ph: +44 845 300 1707
Reviewed in May, 2013

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