The Tea Room

DT@The Tearoom at NGV International - Melbourne

I must admit, I am a bit short of time so I make a beeline for the Tea Room only glancing at an art installation being set up in the lobby. A bit naughty I know, but I was told I had to try the scones. The first thing I notice about the Tea Room, is exactly that, it feels like a tea room rather than just another gallery cafe. Mid week allows me to walk right on in and I have a choice of where I want to sit. Cocooned in a comfortable chair in the corner I feel warm and cosy. The Devonshire Tea is served with a black tea – a combination of Good Morning Tea and Melbourne Breakfast Tea – but since I am a non-black tea drinker I ask if I can choose from the menu. I am told that since it is quiet, it’s not a problem, so I opt for a white tea. The scones are good, but are a little salty and have a slight aftertaste. Considering the hefty price tag and the rave review a Melburnian friend gave me, I hate to say it but I am a bit disappointed (with the scones). The jam is pretty standard and the cream double thick. I ask for more jam and the waiter insists I take some extra cream as well – impeccable service.  And next time, I’ll make sure I have enough time to wander through the gallery.




Tea: An incredible variety of loose-leaf teas on the menu but included in the Devonshire Tea is a combination of Good Morning Tea and Melbourne Breakfast Tea.

Price: $$$

Overall: Finally a cafe that lives up to its name as a Tea Room.

Location: NGV International, 180 St Kilda Rd, Southbank, VIC 3006 Ph: 03 8620 2444
Reviewed in May, 2013

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