The Loft Cafe

DT@The Loft Cafe - Macquarie Centre

I’m not a fan of shopping malls, but today’s inclement weather has driven me indoors. Spying a cafe not too far from but on the same floor as the cinema, I decide to take my chances with the fruit and plain scones I see sitting on top of the counter. I order one fruit scone as they are fairly big and it arrives sliced open like a bread roll. I ask for a second portion of jam, which the waitress happily dispenses, but wonder why I am even bothering with the calories, as it’s tasteless and dry, and the few random sultanas imbedded in the dry bread like texture only give it a hint of flavour. The light and airy cream doesn’t help either.




Tea: A small variety of loose-leaf teas in a small pot.

Price: $

Overall: Steer clear and pop in to T2 Teahouse down the hall instead.

Location: Macquarie Centre, Level 4, Shop 427, 422/1 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Ph: 02 9870 7900
Reviewed in April, 2013

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